Consider SEO Reseller Programs

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Search marketing

Did you know that eCommerce sales topped $200 billion in 2011? The bottom line is that consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to find and purchase the products and services that they need. Therefore, in today’s world internet marketing, also known as online marketing, is absolutely essential. In fact, by 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in the US retail sector will be influenced by online marketing and web presence.

SEO, or search engine optimization is particularly important. Especially considering that the search engine industry is worth approximately $16 billion USD. Consumers, increasingly, are turning to search engines to find the products and services that they need online. However, studies show that when consumers utilize an internet search engine they typically click on the first link that meets their criteria and are unlikely to scroll through pages and pages of results. Furthermore, it is also essential that a website appear in organic rankings as opposed to sponsored results: approximately three quarters of Internet search engine users say that they avoid paid advertisements, clicking on only organic links instead. Furthermore, statistically, 70 percent of the links search users click on are organic.Therefore, the higher a website appears in search engine results pages the more likely a consumer is to visit that website.

However, if your company doesn’t have the time or the talent to preform SEO services in house, it can be advantageous to consider outsourcing SEO to an SEO service company or an SEO service firm. Alternatively, If you own a web design firm or an online marketing firm and would like to expand your services to SEO, you might also want to look into an SEO company and consider SEO reseller options. SEO reseller plans or SEO reseller programs through an SEO company is a great option, providing you with access to high quality, expert SEO search engines. If you’re interested in reseller SEO you might want to look into different private label seos, such as White Label SEO, which offer various options for Seo reseller programs. Overall, search engines are a ubiquitous part of the modern world. Make sure you have a solid SEO and search engine marketing plan in place. And of course, don’t forget about the other aspects of online marketing. Social media is also essential as nine out of ten adults who are online use social media extensively.

Do Not Provide Web Design Unless You Can Provide These Extra Services As Well

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Online marketing

If you are a web design reseller, then you are really missing out on some powerful money making services because not only are about 40 percent of customers derived from the act of using search engines, but 64 percent of consumers who own smart phones are shopping online using the device. This means that your web design services need to be complimented by internet marketing ideas that are based in SEO or else you will have no way to entice many potential business clients. By combining search engine optimization with your web design services, you will be able to hit more clients than ever before while upping your transaction amounts through combined services.

In addition to web design and SEO, you will also want to offer social media services because 90 percent of adults use this network extensively. Despite this statistic, only about 30 percent of the feedback left by customers on a business’s social networking presence is actually responded to. This likely why nearly a third of companies have decided to start outsourcing at least a little of their social media marketing program today.

As a reseller, you have the power to provide these services and more to all of your business clients in a very big way. More importantly, you will be able to do so without ever feeling like you are married to your work in any way. This is because reselling services involves no extra work other than to pass on customer requests to the proper source, make the transaction to buy the raw package once completed, put your label on it, and resell it at a markup. You will have a much easier time reselling than you will trying to learn all these skills on your own and implement them in a hands on way.

While you may have considered the hands on approach in the past because you would be able to keep more of the profit, consider the time that would have to go into doing so. When you resell, what you lose per transaction, you can make up ten times over in quantity. Even at your best, you would always hit a limit based on time constraints to how much work you could take on.

Reselling is definitely a smart path. If have chosen web design to start things off, it is time for you to expand your offerings. By adding on other marketing services, you will make your business even better.