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Reselling Web Design to Small Business

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Online marketing

You can resell web design as a good complement to other marketing services you offer such as search engine optimization (SEO), search marketing, or as part of a program to resell social media. For most businesses, they do not put enough value on their web design and its ability to influence online sales.

To resell web design, you are looking for prospects that fit a few criteria. First, do they lack a website or have an outdated and less than effective website? You are looking for companies that may have never bothered getting a website, but could benefit with having a least some of their company, product, or service information online. This is especially true of businesses that sell to consumers like small retail stores and restaurants. Even the ability to post a phone number, directions and their hours can help boost business. Other potential clients to resell web design are those that may not explicitly or properly deliver a sales proposition.

With these prospects identified to resell web design, you can approach them about how their website or lack of website affects business. Do they track where clients have originated from? This can help them identify that they are not taking advantage of different channels for marketing opportunities. Also, you may want to explore their ability to use online commerce for their business. If you resell web design and include ecommerce capabilities, you can estimate their return on investment just from store transactions.

You can use research of competing businesses and their websites to influence your opportunity to resell web design. For example, if you find that many competitors have significant advantages from style, user design or commerce capabilities they may be more inclined to make changes to their website. When you resell web design you are offering aesthetic improvements, but ideally you will be able to improve their conversion statistics and help them profit in return.